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The information contained here is for reference purposes only.   Please research all herbs and their uses.

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Activated Charcoal Powder

Activated Charcoal is a supplement used when accidental poisonings have occurred. The charcoal helps absorb the poison and carry it out of the body. It is also used to treat high cholesterol, diarrhea, upset stomach, and gas. Other names for Activated Charcoal include: Active Carbon, Adsorbent Charcoal, Carbo Activatus, Carbon Active, Carbon Attivo, Decolorising Charcoal, and Medicinal Charcoal.

2 oz  $3.72 

1 lb  $17.00 

Agrimony Herb c/s
( Agrimonia eupatoria )

Agrimony is an herb used to treat diarrhea (loose stools) in children, mucous colitis (swelling of the colon), bladder leakage (cannot hold urine), and bladder infections. It is also used as a gargle for a sore throat. Other names for Agrimony include: Agrimonia

2 oz  $02.10 

1 lb  $9.60 


( Medicago sativa )

Leaf c/s 1 lb  $5.60 

Leaf c/s Organic 1 lb  $9.00 

Leaf Powder 2 oz  $1.42 

Leaf Powder 1 lb  $6.60 

Seeds Organic 2 oz  $2.40 

Seeds Organic 1 lb  $10.40 
120 ct Capsules  $7.67 
1000 ct Capsules  $51.10 

Allspice, Jamaican
( Pimenta dioica )

Ground 2 oz  $2.40 

Ground 1 lb  $11.00 
Whole 1 lb  $9.60 

Aloe Vera Powder
( Aloe barbadensis )

Aloe Vera is an herb used in skin ointments and creams to help heal wounds, burns, or other skin problems. It is also used to treat ulcers, nausea (upset stomach), or constipation (hard bowel movements).

2 oz  $3.80 

1 lb  $17.40 
120 ct  $9.05 
1000 ct  $58.45 

Aloes ( Cape ) Powder
( Aloe ferox )

2 oz  $5.04 

1 lb  $23.00 

Angelica Root
( Angelica archangelica )

Angelica may be useful to treat an infection and belly cramps. May help in relieving stomach and intestinal problems including ulcers. An overall good health tonic, which is rich in vitamins and minerals. Angelica is widely used to reduce discomforts of menopause. Angelica tends to Improves lung function and acts as an expectorant. Some people use anglica to treats colds, flu and fever. Other names for Angelica include: Angelique, Root of the Holy Ghost, Wild angelica, and Wild licorice.

c/s 2 oz  $3.26 

c/s 1 lb  $14.80 

Powder 1 lb  $13.80 

( Pimpinella anisum )

Anise is an herb used to treat upset stomach, gas, colic, scabies, cough, asthma, irritated and inflamed bowel conditions, arthritis, and menstrual (monthly period) problems, ect.

Ground Seeds 1 lb  $9.50 

Seeds 2 oz  $2.08 

Seeds 1 lb  $7.20 

Stars 2 oz  $2.30 

Stars 1 lb  $10.60 
120 ct Capsules  $9.40 
1000 ct Capsules  $61.25 
Essential Oil 1 oz  $5.23 

( Pyrus malus )

Fiber Powder 2 oz  $1.45 

Fiber Powder 1 lb  $6.60 
Pectin Powder 1 lb  $32.40 

Pie Spice Blend 1 lb  $10.00 

120 ct Fiber Capsules  $8.14 
1000 ct Fiber Capsules  $51.10 

Arnica Flowers
( Arnica montana )
External use ONLY

Used for the reduction speedy recovery of bruising and swelling associated with bodily injury, 

 Click here for more about Arnica

2 oz  $3.24 

1 lb  $14.80 

Arrowroot Powder 100% Pure
( Maranta arundinacea )

Arrowroot Powder basicly is a natural herb used to thicken gravy & sauces.

2 oz  $1.00 

1 lb  $4.60 

Artichoke Leaf Powder


1 lb  $19.80 

Ascorbic Acid Powder - Vit C

Ascorbic Acid Vit. C  Helps people who do not have enough Vitamin C in the body. It is sometimes used to add acidity to the urine.

2 oz  $4.46 

1 lb  $20.40 

Ashwagandha Root Powder
( Withania somnifera )

Ashwagandha is an herb that is used to treat arthritis and to give your body an energy boost. Other names for Ashwagandha include: Withania somnifera.

2 oz  $4.33 

1 lb  $19.80 
120 ct Capsules  $13.91 
1000 ct Capsules  $97.31 

Astragalus Root
( Astragalus membranaceas )

Used to aid in increasing energy, strengthens immune system and restores damaged immunity, promotes tissue regeneration,strengthens the heart and liver, enhances digestion and is a tonic to the lungs.

c/s 2 oz  $4.33 

c/s 1 lb  $19.80 

Powder 2 oz  $2.84 

Powder 1 lb  $13.00 
120 ct Capsules   $10.94 
1000 ct Capsules   $73.50 


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